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We will gladly complete camp and school physical forms anytime if your child is up to date on his/her yearly physical exam.  NO FEES!

Remember, if you need a form signed and your child is overdue for a physical exam, we can often fit you in the same day! Just ask!

Please fill out our IntervalHistory Form and send it in with your school or camp form that needs to be signed.

No child should be excluded from sports, camp, school because of paperwork!!!

Same Day Appointments

Flu Vaccine Update - 9/20/2016

It's Back!

We have received another flu vaccine shipment and are scheduling Flu vaccines for children 6 months and over for the next 3-4 weeks.

 Please call between 9am-4:30pm for an appointment ASAP.  Please DO NOT call in the 8-9am doctor phone hour.

Flu Vaccine Weekend Clinic is Full.

New Patients Welcome!

 Just Our Friendly Staff... No Automated Phones.


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Flu Vaccine

Pediatric Associates of Paoli has been wonderful in helping our family through pregnancy, newborns, and now toddler-aged twin boys.  We trust Dr Kienzle and Dr. Forman.  They know our children and treat our family with the highest level of care.  

- Tracy,  West Chester PA

Call our office any time during office hours and we will gladly fit you in to be seen the samedayIt's our policy.

Not yet a patient in our office?  No problem!  We see all patients with or without previous records.  Just call!

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